lead yourself and others to curate a better humanity.


There has never been a better time to be human and make a positive difference to humanity. At the Human Learning Collective, we believe that when people perform more consciously and social outcomes are implicitly linked, we curate a better humanity.

We need insights into humanness to curate it. A road map to help us adapt to the complex world we live in; tools to deal with the demands and disruptions; and solutions to become #socialimpact innovators. 

At the Human Learning Collective people learn, grow and share to amplify their humanness and generate a positive social impact in their world.

THE human learning collective:
A place, a community, learning events and a mindset.

We all want a better humanity, better work places and families, better relationships and conversations. The small choices we make can help us get there. A human collective can help compound our efforts.

Small #socialimpacts can make a big difference to our humanity.

We created the Human Learning Collective, for you to gain the insight you need to be the best human you can be, to reflect on the social contribution you can make to those around you and over time, help you infuse humanness into the work you do, the people you lead and the family you raise.

Your learning, your social impact.
Leave the world in better shape.


the Human

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People who value sticky learning and application,
over fast quick wins and fads.

HLC is_2_CollectiveNetwork.png

A collective network committed to bettering themselves and being people-enablers. 

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A place and space to learn and solve people-conundrums.

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Access to impactful events, café-like learning, immersive labs and learning journeys.

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Bite-sized content on your mobile device. Tools to embed application.

As a leading learning design and people-development organisation, we combine psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics to solve everyday people problems. We help our members excel through quality insights that dramatically improve their people-capability and increase their #socialimpact. We leverage the learning network to innovate and we host immersive labs to solve people challenges.


Humans are social and when they live collectively with the intention to create a better humanity they can curate a better world.

#socialimpact [soh-shul im-pakt] verb, noun, adjective 1. A positive social action that creates a better humanity; 2. A collective network of learners and social change agents; 3. An attitude, an intent and behaviour; 4. Collectively being a better human; 5. Creating social capability; 6. Recognising and valuing self and others; 7. A principle; a belief; 8. A social movement; 9. Human performance over potential; 10. Having a positive social effect; 11. A ripple of good; 12. Curating a better humanity.